Understanding Extra marital Affair (EMA)


An Extra marital affair refers to a romantic or sexual involvement between two individuals, in mention conditions.

  1. Both are married.
  2. One is married or other is unmarried.
  3. One is married and other is divorced.
  4. One is married or other is widow/ widower.

 Where both are in committed relationships with each other. It typically involves a breach of trust and fidelity within long-term partnership. An affair can encompass various forms of infidelity, including emotional connections, physical intimacy, or a combination of both.

Understanding the Causes:

Extra-marital affairs are rarely the result of a single factor but rather a combination of various emotional, psychological, and circumstantial elements. While every situation is unique, common causes include:

  1. Emotional dissatisfaction: Individuals may seek emotional validation or fulfilment outside their marriage if they feel neglected, unappreciated, or emotionally disconnected within their primary relationship.
  2. Sexual dissatisfaction: A lack of sexual satisfaction or mismatched libidos may drive some individuals to seek physical intimacy elsewhere, mistakenly believing it will resolve their desires.
  3. Opportunity and curiosity: Sometimes, the presence of an attractive and interested third party, combined with curiosity and a desire for something new, can lead to an affair.
  4. Relationship dissatisfaction: Unresolved conflicts, constant arguments, or a breakdown in communication can create an environment conducive to seeking solace or excitement outside of the marriage.
  5. These are primary causes, But there are much more.
Extra Material Affair

Is EMA happen only in MNC or Corporates etc


Is this relationship is age specific


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